Monday, February 23, 2009

Fanuc Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: FAPT LADDER: DOS version of the FAPT LADDER in the WIN98 how to install and how to use?


  1. (COPY directly to a computer file on the hard drive, double-click to FLADDER.EXE;
  2. In the config.sys file, adding: device = c: \ windows \ ansi.sys (in your own computer Search to see ansi.sys document in which the directory, wrote on the path)

Q: PMC-SA1 I would like to ask the type of preparation of the ladder in the map FLADDER 111 software SB7
into what types of? (0i MC)

A: Hello, Perform the following steps .

  1. run FANUC "FAPT LADDER_ Ⅲ" programming software
  2. Click [File] Bar, select [Open Program], to open a PC to change the Windows version of the ladder types of documents (PMC-SA1).
  3. Toolbar option [Tool] in the conversion of mnemonic [Mnemonic Convert], showed [Mnemonic Conversion] page. The document Mnemonic (Mnemonic File) column to be among the new documents, including documents path. (Convert Data Conversion of data types (Convert Data Kind) column to be the choice of conversion, generally for ALL.
  4. After the completion of the above options, click [OK] to confirm, and then convert the data show that information, no other errors after the closure of this information page, and then shut down [Mnemonic Conversion] page.
  5. Click [File] Bar, select [New Program], the goal of a new version of Windows ladder at the same time targeting the Windows version of the PC ladder type (PMC-SB7).
  6. Toolbar option [Tool] source in the conversion of [Source Program Convert], showed [Source Program Conversion] page. The document in the middle (Mnemonic File) column generated just need to choose among the documents, including documents path.
  7. After the completion of the above options, click [OK] to confirm, and then display the data conversion information, "All the content of the source program is going to be lost. Do you replace it? ", click [is] confirmed that no error message after the closure of this page, and then shut down [Source Program Conversion] page.  This will complete the next version of Windows on the same Ladder between different types of PC conversion, for example, the PMC_SA1 ladder KT13.LAD converted to PMC_SA3 the MM.LAD ladder, and the conversion of MM.LAD ladder after ladder of Logic KT13.LAD with the same relationship.

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